What is Creative Conscience?

Creative Conscience is a therapeutic photography practice aimed at development of self-awareness. By means of photography, I materialise the inner visions of people in photographic images. Through dialogue we evoke inner memories, experiences and aspirations which are then translated into powerful visual symbols - photographs. These visual metaphors become strong inner reference points. They empower people to initiate psychological change, put their thoughts in order, maximize the best inner potential and ultimately to realise their happiest self. I help my clients to take control over circumstances and to start living in a more self-conscious and meaningful way.

In Creative Conscience projects I help people find individual answers to existential questions.

I invite you to discover the projects below.

sleepwalkers | COMING SOON | Watch TEASER

stage 1: awakening - 

How our technogenic society rocks our inner selves into a deep sleep...

quiet alone

Stage 2: awareness

how we can get back to the inner self...

inner selves

stage 3: visualization

how to create, discard and assert identities...

Musings of pregnancy

Stage 4: alignment

how to leave in alignment with your purpose...