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Who is Andy ?

Creator of

Creative Conscience




My name is Andy. I am passionate about multiculturalism and the effects that our increasingly globalised world has on individual people's identities.  I explore these fascinating issues in my daily photography practice. I specialise in Creative Conscience - a form of Therapeutic Photography which involves  Fine Art, Portrait, and Street Photography.

My interest in multiculturalism is quite natural as I come from a multicultural background myself. Being French-Russian-Spanish, I lived and studied in Russia, France, Ireland and UK. I am now established in The Netherlands and continue to travel extensively especially in Europe and Canada.

All these intercultural experiences made me question my own identity: Who am I? French? Russian? Spanish? European? Slightly Irish, British and Canadian? Now Dutch? With time I came to understand that I am, at the same time, all and neither of my national identities. In fact, just as everyone else on this planet, I am more than my identities, because none of them taken separately can describe me fully.

This logic goes well beyond national identities and is equally valid for people living in a single culture. Alongside national identity(ies) we embody multiple social identities or roles – we are all in turn parents, children, partners, professionals, clients, taxpayers, patients, etc. These social identities each come with a set of values, visions, expectations and rules which impact the way we see ourselves.

Life goals associated with these identities may differ significantly from the genuine aspirations of our inner selves and often overshadow the authentic personality. 

I use photography as a creative visualisation tool for personal development. Through Creative Conscience - Stories and Journeys I help people to achieve a greater self-awareness through visualizing their genuine inner-selves and aspirations independently from their existing identities.

Through the years I have developed my own inner-self and aspirations by completing the following degrees in photography:

I have my own studio in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam, but work pretty much everywhere in The Netherlands and in Europe.

I hope I will have an opportunity to work with you soon, be it for hire or for collaboration. Feel free to contact me or check out my upcoming exhibitions.

All the best,