Cinematic psytography


MEaningful life

inside you

you can

see your inner self


Set your goals

unleash your potentiaL

Debunk roadblocks

stay focused

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what is cinematic psytography

what is the point of having sight, if you have No vision ?

I am Andy Blanko - a professional Fine Art Portrait photographer. My art enables people to see clearly inside themselves despite the daily vicious circle of invasive duties and unwanted lifestyles . I call this powerful visualisation experience Cinematic Psytography. Every single image is a joint creation by me and the client. Each photograph brings one's inner truth to the surface in a unique compelling way.  This picture always keeps you conscious and awake. Remembering who you really are, keeps you focused on what you truly want. You steer your life instead of letting it happen to you. In turn, meaningful living means happiness. 


key to Happiness is and has always been inside you


not outside

why do we search happiness elsewhere ? 

way to happiness


Life might have assigned you with roles you have not chosen. Others might not see you how you want to be seen. You might aspire for a different life path. Past choices might haunt you. You may lack inspiration and motoivation. Responsibilities and guilt might have a firm grip on you. You might crave to unlock your inner self, set aside pressure and ignore irrelevant goals projected on you by others. Visualisation will help you to break free from the system.


a fresh start is never crazy

madness is to continue to

fake happiness

ignore your inner being

pretend your burden is your calling

hate mondays

postpone what really counts

be jealous of others' achievements

live bored

and die having regrets

i will take you on a journey

I will take you on an amazing photographic journey inside yourself. You will unlock your inner self from limitations, pressure, responsibilities and guilt. You will see yourself again free of all constraints - like when you were a child. Together we will materialise your inner vision in a beautiful and meaningful for you cinematic image. Freed from true or false constraints, you will appear as you want to be seen. Imagination is your only limit. I can give you wings to fly with dragons, make you travel to Mars, sail with Columbus to the New World, arrange a dinner with your great-grandma... Anything you ever wanted in an image. Once you see your true self happy again, believe it or not, you will see your next life goals clearly. The image will become your beacon. You will dump the futile, focus on what is essential for you and tackle new life choices with ease. Start your journey today. Your inner self deserves it.