trigger Meaningful Life in 5 steps


By reading this straightforward FREE guide you will be able to investigate  inside yourself to regain your authentic life purpose and to take your actual inner self back. Thus you will make a genuine distinction between your inner self and your social identities - parent, client, boss... You may discard, keep or even create identities in alignment with your inner self to achieve a truly meaningful life.

cinematic psytography in a nutshell

Sara Ojeda

The aim of the Cinematic Psytography is to facilitate transition to a more meaningful life. Or more precisely to ease the visualisation process by the person. I accompany you through all stages of motivational visualisation and materialise your self-vision in a highly detailed photographic image. Later, like a guardian angel, it will constantly remind you of who you really are.

what other clients experience and think

Ann Smith

I invite you to discover a client's feedback on my last project Musings of Pregnancy. During pregnancy Rosa experienced strong emotions that affected her psyche. Together, through Cinematic Psytography we translated  Rosa's thoughts and feelings into abstract photographic metaphors and compared them to what others see. The divergence between the two is striking.

how did I come to photograph inner selves

Jean Brown

Some 10 years ago I stood where you probably stand now. Wondering, evaluating. The answer was there hidden inside me. With effort and time I discarded unwanted roles and aligned the newly built ones with my inner self. Today I wake up with a smile every day because I am aligned with my purpose. I thrive helping others to move forward faster than I did as I learned it the hard way.